Integrating Solutions

People, Process & Product Integrators 3PI, LLC

3PI, LLC emerges after identifying the need of an international integration team, capable of incorporating processes from an international market in any of our supported countries with a systematic approach.

Our business is founded in the manufacturing and installation of our products and it is divided in two business units:

Manufacturing & Fabrication:

      • Machining CNC, conventional torn press and welding.

      • Machinery, Equipment & Process, Design & Fabrication (Automation & Integration).


      • Program Management.

      • Quality Assurance & Containment Services.

      • Engineering, Machinery & Equipment Representation.

      • Process Integration

We possess a full understanding of the international legal frames, transportation and logistics for global sources where a multi-cultural approach is our business fundamental.

3PI, LLC was founded in North America in 2015 based on EMPFERA, a Mexican company founded in 2007.

Integrating People, Products and Processes in Mexico, US, Canada, Central America, Brazil and soon Asia and Europe.

3PI, LLC Manufacturing & Fabrication.

  • Machined components on steel, aluminum and polymers.

  • Steel work and mechanical fabrication.

  • Die and tooling fabrication.

  • Process carriers design, fabrication and installation.

3PI, LLC Quality Assurance Services.

  • On site and off site quality sorting services.

  • Manufacturing quality systems design and implementation.

  • International on site support quality representation.

3PI, LLC Process Integration.

  • PLC support, installation and debugging.

  • Robotics support and installation.

  • Conveyor installation and controls.

  • Design, fabrication, installation and support.